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How to become a Croupier - Casino Dealer : 
International Training School

It is now possible to become a Croupier thanks to
Centro Formazione Croupier,
the first Italian Casino training school.
Our courses for Casino dealer/croupier are held
monthly, by highly skilled professionals.
Best equipment and new technology.
Each class comprises a maximum of 20 applicants,
the instructor being a broad experience professional,
with major international Casino background.
Games are American Roulette, Black Jack, Poker Texas
Hold'em and Caribbean Stud Poker, a basic education
background, logic mind, attention, good manners,
a foreign language (preferably English) for those
who plan to work abroad, criminal record,
are the qualities requested to the applicant.


Croupiers are actually largely required by an increasing
number of Casinos, either land Casinos or Carribean,
South America, Australia or Mediterranean Sea
bound cruise ships and tourist village Casinos.
A brand news successful career is now for you at reach
thanks to Centro Formazione Croupier and it is also possible
to change your actual occupation looking forward to get
a well paid job.
Many former applicants issued by Centro Formazione Croupier
are now Manager in Major Casinos!

Earn your completion certificate in less than 6-8 weeks
and be prepared to enter the world of Casino Gaming as a certified table games dealer !!!

Croupiers and Dealers Courses
Call +39. 049 723988
C.F.C. Administration Office


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