Municipally Celebrations

Tourist centers and Municipalities are greatly enhanced by a Casino:
jobs and economic activities may grow at a large extent.
This is the reason why A.N.I.T. Municipalities strive for the opening of at least 20 new casinos in Italy.
Centro Formazione Croupier and Casino Service support them with Casino Show exhibits which periodically take place in these Municipalities.
Casino Show personnel include Casino professionals and Centro Formazione Croupier applicants.


Casino Show may also be performed in a high class Hotel, a castle, a villa, a fair: an opportunity to better qualify the local Municipality touristic and recreation field.
Gaming is a largely spread habit and must be properly managed not only as a matter of public order but, mostly, as a very important part in touristic, economic and labor growth.
Gaming applicants must be properly trained in a National Gaming Center for gaming entertainment and in order to fulfil this need pay free Casino Show in Municipalities, Firms etc. takes place periodically performed by Centro Formazione Croupier together with Casino Service. Entertainment only, beneficial purpose, professional dealers and Centro Formazione Croupier stage personnel is the C.F.C. most considerable feature.