Tourism and Casino

A very close link, recently acknowledged also in Italy, exists between the gaming and the tourism industry.A Casino alone is capable, in fact, to turn a little or no tourism, poor equipped area into a revitalized, rich one: a better touristic flow, due to the Casino, immediately strenghten the economy of the area.There are many cases: Liechtenstein,Slovenia, Croatia, Eastern Europe Casinos, USA, ASIA, South Africa, Sun and Lost City whose large array of attractions around the Casino has become the tourist main destination. Cannes and Montecarlo Casinos enlarge the existing touristic flow, attracted by the beautiful scenery of the two cities and become the key motivation of the tourist choice.The very few Italian Casinos are disadvantageous for the national touristic economy: Italian citizens presence in Casinos abroad has been statistically confirmed. Tourism and economy of an Italian Region can be positively enhanced by a Casino. Because of its main attraction a complete array of entertainments, together with the Casino, such as sport activities, cultural and gastronomic events, body care etc.. can be succesfully organized and offered to the tourist.